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Life at Crystal and Dawn’s Home
13 November 2002

Heather: Well, what are you doing this Wednesday morning?

Audrey: I’m sitting here reading the newspaper. It is raining. I read and sleep and that is about it! I’ve been so busy. I read a book and then I think again about how we should be reading it several times before it all sinks in. So I read it again and sure enough, I learn something new every time. Oh, I’ve had my blood work done and I am fine.

13 November 2002

Heather: What will you be doing for Thanksgiving?

Audrey: Well, my taster is not too good, my (sense of) smell is not too good and I don’t hear as good as I should, but my eyes are good! I can read!

There is a newspaper article on shoats’ milk. (in the picture) It’s looks like a goat?

* Baby pigs are shoats.

13 November 2002

Heather: I never heard or read anything about shoats’ milk.

Audrey: Crystal is watching the four babies this morning. All four of them are running around now. They have four big rooms at their home.

Oh, the kitty is asleep on the back of the couch and Buddy, the dog, is sleeping on Crystal’s bed.

13 November 2002

Heather: Did you ask Vaughn to take you to the library’?

Audrey: No, not yet. I’m not ready to go to the library now. When I go there, they leave me sitting there for two hours while I read in the large print section. I love to read. Spencer and Vaughn, they ride me around a lot in West Greenwich. The places I knew have changed so much that I wouldn’t recognize them.

20 November 2002

Heather: How is the weather?

Audrey: It is kind of cool today.  It is starting to get cold!  There is snow .  But I don’t care.  I do not have to drive.  Spen comes and gets me!  My life is good, couldn’t be better. I don’t have to do anything. Just sit.

27 November 2002

Heather: How’s the weather?

Audrey: I am watching it snow. There is 5 to 6 inches of snow. Everything is so pretty, as long as I don’t have to be in it. Everything is covered. It’s very pretty. I can’t see anything but snow. There are no kids around here.

3 December 2002

Heather: Well, how is your December going?

Audrey Mae MacDonald and daughter Deardra at Thanksgiving

Audrey: I am looking out the window and watching the birds. There are 30-40 birds.  I can count 10-12 every minute. I am looking out to the feeder and there are snowbirds and a red cardinal, at least five flying up and down. There is a brown one with a sharp beak and that bird is as big as a blue jay.  It is all brown but I don’t know what he is called.  He likes suet!! I had my back yard loaded with birds (at the 420 East Greenwich Avenue house) and Dad was so mad. The birds made such a mess.

It snowed and everything is so pretty off the trees, on the ground. It is pretty clean! Buddy’s feet hurt in the snow, so Ernie had to carry him back.

I went with Spen and Brenda to Lisa’s house. Lisa has a nice place to live. Everyone seems so well off. Doug called and he is busy with water aerobics.I went to Deardra’s home and Stephanie’s boyfriend’s father and his brother were there. Robert makes such a big turkey dinner. Stephanie’s friends kept coming in. Stephanie’s got a good job. She dresses pretty and looks really pretty.

I think that kids today do not need to get married. They do not need to do this or that. They can be independent. It is best not to have kids and be independent.

11 December 2002

Heather: How are things?

Audrey: Brenda had the fluid drained. Sharon and Amy were up from Florida. They invited Amber to spend a week with them in Florida. Spencer is OK. Julie lives on Amanda Street. Isn’t that great. The name of her street reminds me of Aunt Mandy.

18 December 2002

Heather: I just love your work and all my friends do. One of the men in my office wanted to buy one of your originals. I said there are too many kids and grandkids and now great grandkids so we do not want to sell originals out of the family. Have you been sleeping well?

Audrey: I’ve been up for a while, but I was having a nap. Every thing is going fine. I get up, take naps, read, busy all the time, looking at something. I go to Spencer and Brenda’s for Christmas Day and I play cards. Meagan loves to play cards. I’ll spend Christmas with Spencer and Brenda, wherever they take me.

1 January 2003

Heather: Happy New Year, Mother.

Audrey: I have a pen and pencil set. I like writing paper in boxes, stamps and big envelopes. I’ll write to Stella. Margie and Julie. We stayed up and watched the ball come down. A pretty ball comes down on New Years Day. I don’t get out too much in the snow. I like to ride to the beach and go to “Back to Basics” (Nutrition) food store.

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