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Life at Crystal and Dawn’s Home
23 May 2003

Heather’s visit with Audrey at RISD museum: Mother, now you know why I carried the booklet of your work with me to RISD. You saw how impressed the museum people were with your work as a student here during The Great Depression. They felt so honored to meet you as you were a student so many years ago.

Audrey: Yes

24 May 2003

Heather’s visit with Audrey at RIHS: Mother, have you ever been to the R.I. Historical Society in Providence?

Audrey: Yes, but I should have gotten more dressed up.  Why didn’t I?

(Heather:  Mother, don’t say that. You look fine.   You sit here with Spencer at this table.  Chuck and I will go look for the Spencer and Vaughn geneology books.  We will bring the books to the table.)

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