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Art and Writing Creativity
26 June 2002

Heather: What books do you like to read?

Audrey: Old fashioned books like Huckleberry Finn and, of course, I like Charles Dickens’s novels and Emily Dickinson’s poems.

18 December 2002

Heather: Hi, Mother, Happy Christmas Season! Christmas Season reminds me of those cloth placemats that you made and decorated.

Audrey’s Christmas Place Mat with Two Deer Design

Audrey: Yes, it was around 1955 and they came out with paint in a tube, so I drew two deer in the snow. I loved those paints in a tube. It was so easy and no messy paintbrushes to clean up. Deer do not bend their knees. They just spread out (their front legs) so I have them both spread out and eating. I made many place mats for family and friends. Between you and Doug, the note cards with my drawings on them will be all over the world. My nice card. Oh that is great. You never realize what can happen. I don’t know whether my family will be rich or not, but I hope you can make some money off my work. Everybody seems to like them.

16 August 2003

Heather: We will work on that. Mother, when we all left home you were always working on good causes, such as a clean environment, child abuse prevention, better nutritious foods, cures for diseases, etc. Explain your flyer about one disease, CMT “Hope for a Cure”.

Hope is represented by the perched bird sitting as high as it can get on a person.






“The little bird of hope sings on in the hearts and souls of those with CMT knowing that the cure will soon be captured and domesticated.” I created that logo design when I was around sixty years old.










I’m so glad that you and Doug are doing so much to try and promote all this.

10 April 2004

Heather: What are you doing this morning?

Audrey: I’m just looking at my book that you made for me.

(Explanation: Book refers to a WilsonJones Catalog Rack used to display 11″ by 8″ copies of Mother’s art, writing, history, etc. There were over a hundred different copies of Audrey Mae’s work.)

12 June 2004

Heather: How did you choose which work to memorize?

Audrey: Anything that rhymed and wasn’t too long, I’d put in my head! I liked to learn things. I didn’t have too much room for books. Rhyming would put you kids to sleep.

16 October 2004

Heather: A number of people have said to me that they admired you because you never let life get you down but you stayed true to yourself. You are artistic and creative and you never lost that.