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Life at Alpine Nursing Home
17 August 2002

Heather: Goodness, so many changes in your life. Now you are at Alpine for a one week respite. I am visiting you here, but I am still living in California.

August: I’m tired. I’ve lived a long time. I’m ready to go.

22 May 2003

Heather: Hello Mother. I just arrived from California. This is the first time that I am seeing you in your new home here at Alpine Nursing Home. I have planned day trips for us. Chuck will be driving us to the Rhode Island School of Design where we will tour the art museum. The next day we will go to the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket. Then we also plan to go to the Rhode Island Historical Society Building in Providence where we can find more information on the Spencer and Vaughn genealogy.

Audrey: Oh, that’s great!

23 May 2003

Day Trips

May 23-25 2003 Day Trips to RISD, RI Historical Society and Woonsocket Museum
(Audrey, Chuck, Heather and Spencer)

21 June 2003

Heather: Mother, how do you like your new point-a-picture phone? Now I can again call you every week.

Audrey: Oh, it is really nice. Spencer put up a bird feeder by the dumpster because the crows eat out of the dumpster. Crystal put a bird feeder by the window.

12 July 2003

Heather: How are you doing, Mother?

Audrey: I’m doing fine. We went to Aunt Carrie’s Chowder and Clam Cakes Restaurant in a bus. It was white chowder and very good. It was a lot (of food). We had a nice long drive. There is always something going on in the dining room. I’m looking out at the birds—red cardinal, gold finch (stocking) and a brown bird.

12 July 2003

Heather: Do you have the dozen or so large print books that I sent you?

Audrey: Oh, yes. my books are here. They are on the stand by my bed.  …  Spencer and Vaughn have their first tractor pull today.
20 July 2003

Heather: How are you? Is this a good time for me to call?

Audrey: Yes, right after breakfast around 8:30 AM (EST) is the best time. I’m still in my room by then.

20 July 2003

Heather: How is living at Alpine?

Audrey: I got 6 quarters playing Bingo. We got a beautiful yard here (Alpine Nursing Home) There goes Margie and Jean. Jean is waving! Oh, there are yellow birds going after the little tiny seeds they love. I look out my window and watch the shed and the garbage truck. The handyman dumps the trash into the bin and then the truck comes and gets it. The handyman is called Charles or Paul. I can’t remember which but I call him Sobersides because he never smiles. He is here all the time and never smiles, so I knighted him as Sir Sobersides. I can’t find any fault with anybody here. There is delicious food. We had string beans. I’m not to crazy about them, but I eat most everything. The meals are very good here.

27 July 2003

Heather: What have you been doing’?

Audrey: Everything is going fine! Everything is good here. It is very pleasant. The sun is shinning. Crystal comes most always and Spencer too. Dede generally brings Julie. I’ve seem them all. I’m reading To Kill a Mockingbird that you sent me. The books are piled up on each other.

27 July 2003

Heather: Yes, we need to get you a bookcase. 

Audrey: Oh, the birds out there. There are little yellow birds, crows and once in a while cardinals. The stocking feeder is hanging right outside my window. Oh, there goes a yellow bird, so cute. He is sitting on the stocking.