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Life at Crystal and Dawn’s Home
4 July 2002

Heather: What have you been doing, Mother?

Audrey: Anna sat in my house; we had a lovely visit. Luanne has told her all the tales. Crystal really enjoys it. Everything is going along fine!

24 July 2002

Heather: What have you been doing, Mother?

Audrey: Spencer gets me. We ride around. Vaughn and Spencer, they work on the trailer (tractor). It is all painted red. They get blue ribbons and trophies (Tractor Pull Competitions).

30 July 2002

Heather: What are you reading these days?

AudreyAnne of Green Gables is a beautiful story and I am half way through Pride And Prejudice.

7 August 2002

Heather: How are you doing today?

Audrey: Well, I drank cocoa this morning and that has sugar!

28 August 2002

Heather: What is it like at Crystal’s house?

Audrey: My breakfast is fixed every morning. Ernie is a great cook. The cat, the dog and me are keeping house. Buddy (the dog) is enough! We get along good during the week! Crystal comes and goes, and, of course, Ernie is always working. Crystal takes care of the four babies every Wednesday morning. She comes home tired, but she loves to care for them.

4 September 2002

Heather: What are the animals up to?

Audrey: Buddy, he is under a big umbrella, and he shakes to get the water off him.  The cat sleeps 18 hours a day. I guess the cat is bored.  I’m feeling fine. No pains.  No aches. Looking out the window, there are no birds in the rain.

18 September 2002

Heather: Mother, you grasp a lot more information then most people do.

Audrey: Brenda was here. She is bound and possessed she will get better. I hope to God she does.  Dawn comes over for pizza today at 3 PM. Haven’t seen Doreen’s house. I guess she will have a “House Warming”.  Michelle’s house is pretty. It is painted yellow.  She and Jessica live on the same street where Dad’s older brother Robert and his wife Gladys used to live. That Jessica, she is a runner.

There was a lawn party at Spencer’s. Ten or twelve played croquet ball throw. Brian (Jr.) was working all the time. He has a car. Has a license and can drive with someone else in the car. He is a nice boy.  He is a good worker. He is going to be a fine person. Meagan is active and Mathew Spencer, they go on a school bus.

18 October 2002

Heather: How is your October going’?

Audrey: Well, it is raining. Ernie is working on the house. He works all day. Danny, his son, meets him on the roof.

Buddy doesn’t like the rain.

I had a great time–a wonderful week–I did something every day. I’m having a good time.

6 November 2002

Heather: Hello Mother, today is Wednesday and Crystal has gone to watch the quads, so I am calling you. What’s happening?

Audrey: It is raining and the leaves are dropping. The trees will be bare pretty soon. I’m getting old. I’m happy I’m here. I have the cat and Buddy (the dog) for friends. Buddy carts a rag baby around in his mouth, and he looks so happy every time he finds it.

Brenda looks good. She says she is not dying with cancer. She is living with cancer. She has had the water drawn off. She is a fighter. I’ve never seen her look better. She wears the hats that Deardra designed and everyone is asking about those hats. They make her look so pretty. Spencer is fine. He’s determined that Brenda will live and he will not think of her dying. She is a fighter and he is right with her.

6 November 2002

Heather: Did I tell you that Douglas is setting up a website, called Mother Mac? He is so busy with water aerobic classes but he is trying to get the site set up.

Audrey: “I’ll be world famous after a while”. (Laughter)

Heather: You are famous with us because of your artistic work and that is all that matters when you get right down to it.

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