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24 August 2003

Heather: How do you like the companion chair?

Audrey: It rolls along all by itself. If you breath hard, it rolls by itself. It is so light.

(Explanation:  The companion chair is used instead of a wheel chair.  The companion chair has four small wheels and not the traditional two large wheels. Therefore, you need a companion to push you.  The companion chair is very light weight and folds up easily to put in a car.)

6 September 2003

Heather: How are you with the companion chair?

Audrey: It is a beautiful little chair you sent. It isn’t heavy at all. It folds up in a little box. I love the chair.

21 September 2003

Would it be easier to lie down and talk?

Audrey: No. No. No.  I have a nice chair. I like to sit up and talk.

13 March 2004

Heather: Hello, Mother. How have you been?

Audrey: Without this wheelchair (companion chair, light weight transit chair with four small wheels), I’d be in jail. I’m rocking back and forth constantly. I never sit still. It gives me a little walk. My knees push me back and forth. It gives me so much freedom. This chair goes everywhere. This little chair is an extension of me. The bending of my knees get plenty of exercise.

I enjoy my life. I loved my babies. I feel bad that I don’t have a baby in my arms.

Ernie made me this nice bookcase desk and I have my Emily Dickinson’s books. I like to read so that keeps me busy. It is such a beautiful sunny day. Amber, she bops in every other thing. There was a man playing a guitar (here at Alpine Nursing Home). There are always activities here.

14 August 2004

Heather: That’s luxury living! (laughter)

Audrey: I guess so, having breakfast in bed. It’s sunny. Today is a beautiful day! There is not much wind. It is as sunny as it can be. I was watching weather on TV. There are storms in a lot of places. It was terrible.

I go everywhere in my (companion) chair.