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6 November 2002

Heather: Hello Mother, today is Wednesday and Crystal has gone to watch the quads, so I am calling you. What’s happening?

Audrey: It is raining and the leaves are dropping. The trees will be bare pretty soon. I’m getting old. I’m happy I’m here. I have the cat and Buddy (the dog) for friends. Buddy carts a rag baby around in his mouth, and he looks so happy every time he finds it.

Brenda looks good. She says she is not dying with cancer. She is living with cancer. She has had the water drawn off. She is a fighter. I’ve never seen her look better. She wears the hats that Deardra designed and everyone is asking about those hats. They make her look so pretty. Spencer is fine. He’s determined that Brenda will live and he will not think of her dying. She is a fighter and he is right with her.

3 December 2002

Heather: Well, how is your December going?

Audrey Mae MacDonald and daughter Deardra at Thanksgiving

Audrey: I am looking out the window and watching the birds. There are 30-40 birds.  I can count 10-12 every minute. I am looking out to the feeder and there are snowbirds and a red cardinal, at least five flying up and down. There is a brown one with a sharp beak and that bird is as big as a blue jay.  It is all brown but I don’t know what he is called.  He likes suet!! I had my back yard loaded with birds (at the 420 East Greenwich Avenue house) and Dad was so mad. The birds made such a mess.

It snowed and everything is so pretty off the trees, on the ground. It is pretty clean! Buddy’s feet hurt in the snow, so Ernie had to carry him back.

I went with Spen and Brenda to Lisa’s house. Lisa has a nice place to live. Everyone seems so well off. Doug called and he is busy with water aerobics.I went to Deardra’s home and Stephanie’s boyfriend’s father and his brother were there. Robert makes such a big turkey dinner. Stephanie’s friends kept coming in. Stephanie’s got a good job. She dresses pretty and looks really pretty.

I think that kids today do not need to get married. They do not need to do this or that. They can be independent. It is best not to have kids and be independent.

10 January 2004

Heather: What do you remember about your family house on 742 Washington Street in Coventry?

Spencer, Dawn, Douglas, Heather, Deardra and Vaughn MacDonald

Audrey: The front door was never used. It was just to look at. It was beautiful. I can always see that front door of that big house. That door was beautiful. Grampa (William J.B. Spencer) sold the homestead in East Greenwich and we bought the house in Coventry with the money.

I lived there since I was twelve years old until I married and we moved to a small house. We went back to live at 742 Washington Street until we bought the house on East Greenwich Avenue in West Warwick. You (Heather) were nine months old when we moved.

I got by. I had the children there. I was making up things all the time. We would go out and play and pick daisies. The field was full of daisies. But I enjoyed you kids. It was all I needed—my seven masterpieces as I call you.

16 March 2004

Heather while visiting Audrey at Alpine Nursing Home: I read a newspaper article that you saved about Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversity. Wasn’t Vaughn, Deardra and I born at Mitchell’s Maternity Home?

Mitchell Maternity Home

Audrey: Yes. I went to Mitchell’s Maternity Home (90 West Warwick Avenue) to have my last three children, Vaughn, Deardra and you. Mrs. Mitchell was a Registered Nurse and operated the Mitchell Maternity Home in West Warwick.

18 May 2004

Heather: I hear you went to Stephanie’s baby shower?

Audrey: Deardra took me to the party. Yes, it was a beautiful party. I had a lovely time. Stephanie’s baby will have the Spencer blood. (B.J.’s mother’s birth name was Margaret Spencer) Isn’t that amazing?
29 May 2004

Heather: Hello, Mother. What have you been doing?

Audrey: Deardra came. I’m in my chair and we go out. Everything going fine! Stephanie and her sister look  just alike. Been out and walked around a lot. I was with Deardra.

I called Dawn. She’s got a boyfriend! He was a college professor. He is a “gentleman”. He is older than she. Spencer couldn’t get over it! (he was surprised but happy for her).

Amber and Crystal pop in. Amber bought curtains yesterday. She is having lots of fun. It’s nice to settle down. She has her own car. Today, men and women both need a car.

Amber’s boyfriend is awfully good to her. He’s a good guy. I hope they get settled down and both enjoy their life!

Tell me. Who are you’?

6 June 2004

Heather: You really did give a lot of thought to our names. Two, Vaughn and Spencer, are totally English ancestry. Two, Douglas and Heather, have both Scottish and English names. Deardra is a book title as well as a movie. Crystal is a movie star and Dawn is one of the RISD students, whom you really didn’t know very well. She was not in your classes, but when you heard her name you loved it so.

Audrey: I saw Theo yesterday. Everything was going on around here. There were things to sell. (Alpine Nursing Home’s activities)

15 August 2004

Heather: How would you describe your kids?

Audrey: Vaughn, he was a little fussier. He looked at everything. He looks things over inside and out. He is great for giving everything a good look before he goes into anything. His mind is going a mile a minute, but he doesn’t say much about it. He doesn’t like to write,but he studies very carefuly and he remembers everything. I do think he still does that. Anything he has to do he thinks about it very carefully. He thinks it all through!

Deardra, (She was found sound asleep up in the attic) I thought she got lost in the woods. I about had a fit! She had played all day in the attic. It got dark and the rest of the kids came down but she fell asleep in her part of the attic. You all had a part of the attic that was your own. Spencer just (climbed the ladder and) stuck his head up (through the attic opening) and looked around and came down and said not there. We were calling Deardra, and we had started to go up the road, calling Deardra. It was hours before we found her. They (a local police officer) brought her down from the attic. She has been lying down near the front window, behind the chimney and the officer went up and got her. The law enforcement officers were smiling when they brought her down. They thought they had a lost child on their hands. They were relieved. It was hours before we found her.

Deardra and Heather tagged along after Crystal. She would haul you along for mischief, like knocking on somebody’s door and then running away.

15 August 2004

Heather: What do you remember about the three of us?

Audrey: You were all about the same height. Crystal would pull you two along and do crazy things. Aunt Jeannie was like a mother to me. I would wheel Deardra over in Aunt Jeannie’s yard in that basket carriage with the top that goes back and forth. Aunt Jeannie would watch Deardra while she slept. Aunt Jeannie loved children. She helped me with Deardra and Vaughn. (They were the last two born and the only two born when we lived on East Greenwich Avenue, next to Aunt Jeannie.) Since Aunt Di didn’t like children, Aunt Jeannie kept Di away from the kids.

Doug, he was always reading and Spen, he was always on a horse, saddle or no. He didn’t have time to read.

Dawn, she was putting on shows for Aunt Jeannie and Dick. She would dance like she saw on TV.

Heather, you were always quiet. Always kind of fat, until you started to walk and on the go and didn’t have time to put on weight.

When you were all kids, I’d go back to that in a minute. To have you all screaming, no you kids didn’t do too much hollering. I enjoyed it when you were all kids.