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3 December 2002

Heather: Well, how is your December going?

Audrey Mae MacDonald and daughter Deardra at Thanksgiving

Audrey: I am looking out the window and watching the birds. There are 30-40 birds.  I can count 10-12 every minute. I am looking out to the feeder and there are snowbirds and a red cardinal, at least five flying up and down. There is a brown one with a sharp beak and that bird is as big as a blue jay.  It is all brown but I don’t know what he is called.  He likes suet!! I had my back yard loaded with birds (at the 420 East Greenwich Avenue house) and Dad was so mad. The birds made such a mess.

It snowed and everything is so pretty off the trees, on the ground. It is pretty clean! Buddy’s feet hurt in the snow, so Ernie had to carry him back.

I went with Spen and Brenda to Lisa’s house. Lisa has a nice place to live. Everyone seems so well off. Doug called and he is busy with water aerobics.I went to Deardra’s home and Stephanie’s boyfriend’s father and his brother were there. Robert makes such a big turkey dinner. Stephanie’s friends kept coming in. Stephanie’s got a good job. She dresses pretty and looks really pretty.

I think that kids today do not need to get married. They do not need to do this or that. They can be independent. It is best not to have kids and be independent.

27 June 2004

Heather: Have you heard from Doug lately?

Audrey: Yes, he’s coming. I go and I go, but then I forget where I’ve been. I always have.

(Referring to the caretakers) Oh, yes. They are all good and kind. I like them all. I haven’t had anybody that’s been bad!

I sit here and put my head back and fall asleep. I’m happy here in my little (companion) chair.

I’m looking at Chicken Little, yellow cover with paisley necktie. I had my bunny on the bed when I left. When I came back, there was a chicken here with the bunny. He says  The Night Before Christmas.

15 August 2004

Heather: What do you remember about the three of us?

Audrey: You were all about the same height. Crystal would pull you two along and do crazy things. Aunt Jeannie was like a mother to me. I would wheel Deardra over in Aunt Jeannie’s yard in that basket carriage with the top that goes back and forth. Aunt Jeannie would watch Deardra while she slept. Aunt Jeannie loved children. She helped me with Deardra and Vaughn. (They were the last two born and the only two born when we lived on East Greenwich Avenue, next to Aunt Jeannie.) Since Aunt Di didn’t like children, Aunt Jeannie kept Di away from the kids.

Doug, he was always reading and Spen, he was always on a horse, saddle or no. He didn’t have time to read.

Dawn, she was putting on shows for Aunt Jeannie and Dick. She would dance like she saw on TV.

Heather, you were always quiet. Always kind of fat, until you started to walk and on the go and didn’t have time to put on weight.

When you were all kids, I’d go back to that in a minute. To have you all screaming, no you kids didn’t do too much hollering. I enjoyed it when you were all kids.


28 August 2004

Heather: Hello, Mother. How are you today?

Audrey: It is a beautiful day today out here. It is nice and warm. Doug visited and he looks good. He and Vaughn are going (to Nova Scotia) because Doug is looking up the geneology of the MacDonalds. Of course, we had aunt Mandy write all about the Spencers before she died.

4 September 2004

H: Who have you seen lately?

Audrey: Doug was here. He is looking up the MacDonald ancestry. Dawn was here with George. I like him. I’m very happy for her. She looks very, very good. Amber took me riding. She is here a lot. She is full of life. (Steve) is so good to her. He is wonderful. I’m happy for her. I was over to her house. I had lunch on her table. She took me around and we went riding.


20 June 2005

Doug, Vaughn and Mark, Jr.’s visit lifts Mother’s spirits.

(Doug brought Mother back to her room after eating.  Mother started weeping and crying.  Vaughn came by with Mark, Jr.(born 9-17-2004).  Mother immediately started smiling.)