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18 December 2002

Heather: Hi, Mother, Happy Christmas Season! Christmas Season reminds me of those cloth placemats that you made and decorated.

Audrey’s Christmas Place Mat with Two Deer Design

Audrey: Yes, it was around 1955 and they came out with paint in a tube, so I drew two deer in the snow. I loved those paints in a tube. It was so easy and no messy paintbrushes to clean up. Deer do not bend their knees. They just spread out (their front legs) so I have them both spread out and eating. I made many place mats for family and friends. Between you and Doug, the note cards with my drawings on them will be all over the world. My nice card. Oh that is great. You never realize what can happen. I don’t know whether my family will be rich or not, but I hope you can make some money off my work. Everybody seems to like them.

6 June 2004

Heather: What about Douglas?

Audrey: Douglas is an all Scot name. Old Winston Churchill was in the news and Winston’s mother was a Spencer and I liked the sound of Douglas Winston.