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10 January 2004

Heather: Who have you seen lately? What news have you heard?

Audrey: Chig, I was glad to see her. She sits there quietly. We all enjoy seeing her. Melissa, she is a real star. Little Hannah, she will be a great actress. They got her started at a good time. She is right on top of the work. She loves acting. And, of course, Emma is as beautiful as Hannah. Oh, I’m reading the book  Emma that came all packaged up from you. Emma grows up in the book! I like all books. I haven’t read any books that I didn’t like. I see Amber often. She straightens out all my things. She keeps my fingernails all painted a light pink. The older I get, the better looking I get.

(Heather: No, Mother! The older you get, the more realistically you see yourself. You were always pretty, but just because you were a foot taller than your mother and sister, you thought you were ugly. Now it is fashionable to be tall!! That is the only difference.)

10 July 2004

Heather: Mother, ugly people do not have pretty children! Ugly people have ugly children! And ugly women do not catch good-looking men! The only reason you thought you were ugly was because you got the tall gene and you were a head taller than your mother or your sister at a time in history when it was a sign of beauty to be short! Today, it is a blessing to be tall. History repeats itself with what is fashionable and fashions are stupid! You were still a head shorter than your father and you were still pretty, even though you were a head taller than your mother or sister. When I looked at your wedding picture with all the family standing side-by-side, I realized that.

Audrey: All my kids were so beautiful. Same difference. I thought the world of you kids. Having seven kids, it was such a blessing to have a baby in your arms. They say the terrible two, but I loved the terrible twos.

You were all darling. When Crystal was in the crib, she said “Mother, come get these wet guys (wet diapers). Doug was a quiet boy and Heather was quiet, too.  Spen was full of mischief.  Crystal was full of mischief.  Vaughn, he was the last baby.

We went over to Aunt Jeannie’s everyday in the afternoon and chairs were all outside. Aunt Jeannie loved to watch the kids. She had our toys over there. When Aunt Di came, she put our toys on the refrigerator. Di did not want kids there and the lady upstairs didn’t want kids. Dick, he would always yell at them. He said he wanted to throw her in the river to get rid of her.

Oh, I loved the grandchildren. Belinda was the first one. Little Hannah is doing her thing and so is Emma. Meagan has this beautiful thick head of hair. Mathew wants to be a chef. Jessica is full of life and Mark’s children are all so beautiful.


21 August 2004

Heather: Tell me something about each of your great grandchildren.

Audrey: Meagan, she is a very pretty little girl and she is a good little girl. Mathew, he’s jolly. There is always a big smile on his face. Brian, he is working all the time. He is very busy, he is in college. Kelsey and Kaitlyn are so darling and Kenya is such a helpful big sister. They are the cutest kids. Mark will be so happy to get a boy now that he has his girls. Jessica, she a jolly little girl, always dancing around and always full of life. She is very cute also. Ian. I’m so happy they have a boy as they already have their girls. Emma, she and Hannah are darling. Hannah is getting older now. I haven’t seen Stephanie’s baby yet. She will get here sooner or later. She will bring him to see me.