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28 July 2005

(Later in the same day)

“Is Grandpa asleep?”

(Mother’s roommate at Kent had a deep voice and was hard of hearing, so she would shout instead of talk.  It was quite a while before I realized that Mother thought her roommate was a man and therefore thinking the person must be Grandpa.  Also, this substantiated my thought that Mother’s eyesight was very poor,)

“I’m so sleepy.  I’m so sleepy.  It’s dark in here.”

(Heather:  Mother, but the lights are on and it is light outside.)

“I see a man, by the window.  In front of the window.”

(Heather:  Mother, there is no one there. We are safe.)

“What are you going to do?  I’ve got to feed the horses.  Where are the horses?  They’ve got to eat.  The horses are cold.  There are three horses. Where are the horses?  I’ve got to see them. Open the gate. Go to the door.”

(Again when Audrey was confused she would revert back to her fears in her childhood when the horses would get out.  If the farmer did not have his horses, there was no help to plow the fields and there was no transportation. Not living the agrarian life anymore, Mother’s comments give us insight into the realities of life as it was on the farm.)