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17 July 2004

Heather: Mother, explain to me Lady of the Lake.

Audrey: It’s about a chase. The stag is a male deer that hears the call …black hounds. The English men on horse with the dogs (hounds)…the deer get away…the deer dashes into a special place and the dogs dash by…One of the horsemen falls in love with lady of the lake…he had almost gotten lost in the woods and others gave up and left…even his horse dropped dead…he was all alone looking for someone…he toots his horn…he calls…she came thinking it was her dad…she brings him back to England…and married the horseman and continue the Royalty…the lady was royalty…so they become the King and Queen of England.

17 July 2004

Heather: When did you memorize those pages?

Audrey: In the eleventh grade. I had to stand up and read Lady of the Lake in school. I had to memorize part of it. That stayed in my mind and whenever I traveled, I would say that over and over in my head. My mind was clear and all I did was say it over and over in my head.