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30 July 2002

Heather: Well, how are you today?

Audrey: Chris and Barbara from California were here. They also had Stephanie, their daughter, who has been in Liverpool, England. We had a nice visit!  I’m sleeping more than ever. I feel very good. Everything is going along good, no bad spells. Crystal takes care of the quads *once a week. Ernie, he is a worker. There is also the cat and the dog, Buddy. He is so cute. Crystal, she makes sure I have everything I need. I sleep a lot. I lay down more.

* The four babies, Taylor, Loren, Madison and Jordan, were born to Janet Gauvin Messier’s son and daughter in law.  Crystal, as part of her Church’s mission, helps the mother every Wednesday morning.  The quads are now three years old; all healthy, beautiful children. Crystal has become attached to the children and they to her.  Janet was Heather’s good friend in junior high school.  Janet and her brother and sister are the owners of Alpine Nursing Home in Coventry.