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18 September 2002

Heather: Mother, you grasp a lot more information then most people do.

Audrey: Brenda was here. She is bound and possessed she will get better. I hope to God she does.  Dawn comes over for pizza today at 3 PM. Haven’t seen Doreen’s house. I guess she will have a “House Warming”.  Michelle’s house is pretty. It is painted yellow.  She and Jessica live on the same street where Dad’s older brother Robert and his wife Gladys used to live. That Jessica, she is a runner.

There was a lawn party at Spencer’s. Ten or twelve played croquet ball throw. Brian (Jr.) was working all the time. He has a car. Has a license and can drive with someone else in the car. He is a nice boy.  He is a good worker. He is going to be a fine person. Meagan is active and Mathew Spencer, they go on a school bus.

4 September 2004

Heather: When your grandchildren were little, whom do you think they looked like? What about Mark and Michelle?

Audrey: They were very good looking, cute kids. They had dark hair, whereas Vaughn’s hair was light as a child. Michelle and Mark’s great grandfather (maternal side) was English. I think his name was Richardson, but I am not sure. I thought April was cute, and Stephanie was a nice looking girl. My mother had blue eyes so she wanted blue eyed babies. Grandpa and the Spencers had green eyes. My eyes are green and Ed and Edith’s eyes were not blue. (They were) either green or brown. I can’t seem to remember. Spencer was the first blue eyed baby born. My mother was so happy that my babies (five of the seven children) had blue eyes.

20 June 2005

Heather visiting from California: Where would you like to go?