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10 July 2002

Heather: Was it difficult leaving R.I.S.D. after attending for three years?

Heather Dale MacDonald



Audrey: I enjoyed having Spen so much…

When you were born, I argued with the Doctor, I said “no no”, it can’t be a girl born on the 9th! All the males in my family were born on the 9th. Dad’s the 9th; Spencer’s the 9th; Douglas’ the 9th!

30 October 2002

Heather: How did you get to the School of Design in Providence from Coventry? After all, those were the Great Depression Years.

Audrey: I went (both ways) on the train.  We would get off the train and walk to school. We would cross over the bridge that was right before the School of Design. We went to the edge and there was a door there to go in the School of Design.  On my way home to the train, I would buy an apple for five cents from a handsome young man standing there selling apples.

I’ll never forget the time, Maisie and I walked home from the School of Design. We did it! We went along. We tried it!*

*The distance between RISD and 742 Washington Street in Coventry, R.I. where Audrey lived was around 15 miles.
23 May 2003

Heather’s visit with Audrey at RISD museum: Mother, now you know why I carried the booklet of your work with me to RISD. You saw how impressed the museum people were with your work as a student here during The Great Depression. They felt so honored to meet you as you were a student so many years ago.

Audrey: Yes