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26 June 2002

Heather: How are you doing, Mother?

Audrey: Isn’t much fun. Watching animals on TV. Have you heard of the Ocilot cat from India? He has tiger or red markings. I watch the animal channel on TV. That is the channel I like. I sit here and exist. I have no ambition to do anything. I go on the ride to the malls, which I like. Every Monday, I write a letter to Margie, Stella and to Julie. I’m wanting to see the fireworks at Rocky Point; we will try to get there early. I’ve also gone to the fireworks at the fairgrounds and at Narraganset Pier in the past. Don’t feel like doing anything. I’m lazy. Stella’s two daughters they are with her all the time at Alpine. They are there at Alpine every day. Margie is there; she has Stukey, Mona and Jeannie.

Cousin Frank from California was here with his house on wheels and he has a boat*.

* [Audrey’s nephew (her sister Edith’s older son) Frank traveled across America in his RV which Audrey described as a house on wheels.  Frank could not believe how Rhode Island towns do not have street signs on all corners as California does.  He said “How am I supposed to find my way with no street signs?  (This was before GPS.  I explained that street signs are only at the beginning and end of a street in many of old Rhode Island towns.)

Audrey said “He also has a boat.”  All east coast and west coast Spencers have always lived by the Altantic or Pacific Ocean since the 1600s. However, now in the twenty-first century, some Spencer descendents are moving inland to Nevada, Arizona, Ohio…]

13 November 2002

Heather: How did you get to the Anthony Library building?

Postcard of Audrey and her mother standing in front of their home on Washington Street in Coventry, RI

Audrey: The trolley train went by the front yard (at 742 Washington Street). You could not park a car there because of the trolley. Two houses down was the stop for the Trolley. The trolley went from Knotty Oak to Arctic and turned around and came back. Maisie, I and her mother went to Rocky Point on the trolley car. The side was opened in summer. The gate was closed so the people would not fall out. My mother did not care much for walking around.

My Mother was as tall as Aunt Edith (Audrey’s older sister). I was taller.

Heather: Mother, in those days, a tall woman was not considered as pretty as a shorter woman. But you were pretty. You just happened to get the tall gene. Your mother and your sister didn’t. That is why you did not think you were pretty. You were pretty, but you were tall. Standing next to your mother and Edith, you are a head taller than them, but still you were much shorter than Grampa. I could never understand why you said you were not pretty. Now I know why!