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3 December 2002

Heather: Well, how is your December going?

Audrey Mae MacDonald and daughter Deardra at Thanksgiving

Audrey: I am looking out the window and watching the birds. There are 30-40 birds.  I can count 10-12 every minute. I am looking out to the feeder and there are snowbirds and a red cardinal, at least five flying up and down. There is a brown one with a sharp beak and that bird is as big as a blue jay.  It is all brown but I don’t know what he is called.  He likes suet!! I had my back yard loaded with birds (at the 420 East Greenwich Avenue house) and Dad was so mad. The birds made such a mess.

It snowed and everything is so pretty off the trees, on the ground. It is pretty clean! Buddy’s feet hurt in the snow, so Ernie had to carry him back.

I went with Spen and Brenda to Lisa’s house. Lisa has a nice place to live. Everyone seems so well off. Doug called and he is busy with water aerobics.I went to Deardra’s home and Stephanie’s boyfriend’s father and his brother were there. Robert makes such a big turkey dinner. Stephanie’s friends kept coming in. Stephanie’s got a good job. She dresses pretty and looks really pretty.

I think that kids today do not need to get married. They do not need to do this or that. They can be independent. It is best not to have kids and be independent.

18 May 2004

Heather: I hear you went to Stephanie’s baby shower?

Audrey: Deardra took me to the party. Yes, it was a beautiful party. I had a lovely time. Stephanie’s baby will have the Spencer blood. (B.J.’s mother’s birth name was Margaret Spencer) Isn’t that amazing?
29 May 2004

Heather: Hello, Mother. What have you been doing?

Audrey: Deardra came. I’m in my chair and we go out. Everything going fine! Stephanie and her sister look  just alike. Been out and walked around a lot. I was with Deardra.

I called Dawn. She’s got a boyfriend! He was a college professor. He is a “gentleman”. He is older than she. Spencer couldn’t get over it! (he was surprised but happy for her).

Amber and Crystal pop in. Amber bought curtains yesterday. She is having lots of fun. It’s nice to settle down. She has her own car. Today, men and women both need a car.

Amber’s boyfriend is awfully good to her. He’s a good guy. I hope they get settled down and both enjoy their life!

Tell me. Who are you’?

6 August 2004

Nathan Hunter Brackett

Audrey’s Great Grandson

Nathan Hunter Brackett

Born August 6, 2004
9 lbs.  3 oz.   21 Inches
Providence, Rhode Island
Proud Parents are Stephanie Jean (Pilkauskas née Link) and B.J. Brackett

21 August 2004

Heather: Tell me something about each of your great grandchildren.

Audrey: Meagan, she is a very pretty little girl and she is a good little girl. Mathew, he’s jolly. There is always a big smile on his face. Brian, he is working all the time. He is very busy, he is in college. Kelsey and Kaitlyn are so darling and Kenya is such a helpful big sister. They are the cutest kids. Mark will be so happy to get a boy now that he has his girls. Jessica, she a jolly little girl, always dancing around and always full of life. She is very cute also. Ian. I’m so happy they have a boy as they already have their girls. Emma, she and Hannah are darling. Hannah is getting older now. I haven’t seen Stephanie’s baby yet. She will get here sooner or later. She will bring him to see me.


4 September 2004

Heather: When your grandchildren were little, whom do you think they looked like? What about Mark and Michelle?

Audrey: They were very good looking, cute kids. They had dark hair, whereas Vaughn’s hair was light as a child. Michelle and Mark’s great grandfather (maternal side) was English. I think his name was Richardson, but I am not sure. I thought April was cute, and Stephanie was a nice looking girl. My mother had blue eyes so she wanted blue eyed babies. Grandpa and the Spencers had green eyes. My eyes are green and Ed and Edith’s eyes were not blue. (They were) either green or brown. I can’t seem to remember. Spencer was the first blue eyed baby born. My mother was so happy that my babies (five of the seven children) had blue eyes.