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13 November 2002

Heather: Did you ask Vaughn to take you to the library’?

Audrey: No, not yet. I’m not ready to go to the library now. When I go there, they leave me sitting there for two hours while I read in the large print section. I love to read. Spencer and Vaughn, they ride me around a lot in West Greenwich. The places I knew have changed so much that I wouldn’t recognize them.

12 July 2003

Heather: Do you have the dozen or so large print books that I sent you?

Audrey: Oh, yes. my books are here. They are on the stand by my bed.  …  Spencer and Vaughn have their first tractor pull today.
10 April 2004

Heather: What are you looking at now?

Audrey Mae in Colonial Dress (DAR) with her beloved dog, Honey

Audrey: A picture of Honey (the poodle). Honey was so intelligent. She felt the world of me and she would sit next to me and she was a part of me. If you love your animals, they are a part of you.

(Honey was Pat and Vaughn’s dog until they left her with Mother to dog-sit and Mother fell in love with Honey. Pat and Vaughn didn’t have the heart to take her back away from Mother, so they “lost” their dog to a new owner.  The family is especially grateful to Pat for letting her dog go and giving Mother and Dad many happy years with Honey, a wonderful dog.)