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11 September 2002

Heather: What are you doing today?

Audrey: I’m reading a novel by Max Brand called The Galloping Danger. It is in large print. It’s a library book. As I’ve told you, we need to read a book over three times. The first time we read the book, we only get a bit. It takes three to four readings to really understand the book.

Amber comes over and takes me for a ride and trips to the beach. I’m having a wonderful time. I like riding around! I hope to see Violet (Kettelle). Everything going along. The children are growing up and starting to run around. They are cute, little kids.

23 October 2002

Heather: How is Violet related to us?

Violet Kettelle


Audrey: Her aunt married Joseph Jason Spencer who was a grandson of Deacon* Richard.  Joseph Jason was an angel, but all the Kettelles thought he was lazy.

* Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) Spencer