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3 August 2003

Heather: What kind of a week did you have?

Audrey: It is very pleasant here. I’m not alone at all. I lay down an awful lot. I feel better lying down. Vivian’s son comes every Sunday and takes her out. She returns around 5 or 6 PM. Everything is fine. I’m in the biggest, best room. I read books. Oh, my voice is cracking. I forgot I’m not supposed to talk.

(Heather: Let’s say “good-bye” then and I’ll call next Saturday right after your breakfast.)

19 October 2003

Heather: What do you like best about Alpine?

Audrey: Here I can do what I want.  I’m not bossed around.  Spencer will take me out and wheel me around and I don’t have a boring chair. Spen drops in every other thing.  Oh, my hand is fast asleep, so I switched hands.  A girl came in and made my neighbor Vivian’s bed. Vivian walks with a walker.  She is in and out all the time. She is always on the go.

Yesterday a hundred million black birds were flying up and down outside my window. The road was covered with birds.  They stayed there even after I left.  The phone fell on the floor. I’m going to put it back.  I backed up so far the phone fell off the table.  Oh, Dawn is coming in!!  Who am I talking to?

(H: Heather)

A: Oh, I’m not getting that bad yet?  Wasn’t that funny.  I get along pretty good with whom I talk with.

(Heather: Of course, you do, Mother.  It’s just that you are excited and happy to see Dawn.  And besides, if you forget whom you are talking to, just say,  “Whom am I talking to?”  And then you will get the answer and we keep going with the conversation.  No one will be upset if you forget for a moment.  We all forget at times. That is natural.  Let me say Hi to Dawn and then I’ll call you next Saturday.  Love you.)

24 April 2004

Heather: How are you liking your room at Alpine?

Audrey: I have the corner room here at Alpine and it is the best room here. (Alpine Staff) couldn’t be any better. Vivian (Audrey’s roommate), she is great. Vivian reminds me of Grandma.


5 July 2004

Heather: Do you know most of the birds?

Audrey: I know quite a few of the birds. I can see three or four squirrels playing on a tree. They run up and down. They run up and down on the rock. Now they are all pulling on a blue piece of cloth. They are having a great time on the tree. The blue thing is not a cloth. It is an oblong stiff thing. There is a bird on the ground, a black and gray one.

Vivian, she is gone (not my roommate anymore). She comes and goes. I see her in the hall.