Audrey Mae SpencerSpencer Historical CemeteryHenry Straight / William Spencer Family Cemetery
Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
16 August 2003

Heather: Have you been back to the R.I. School of Design since you left as a young women?

Audrey: I haven’t ever been back, only in my dreams. Now, I never remember from one day to the next. Time is awfully short. Everything happens to you and I no longer have any sense of timing. I never remember after the day. But I don’t worry. Time doesn’t mean anything anymore. It is all happening right now. Time means nothing. Everything is now. “Now” is your world.

Everybody praises me and says I am beautiful now and I always thought I was ugly, with a long face. Here at Alpine, I am never alone, all the residents are so sociable and I have lots of fun. Out in the dining room, men and women sit together. I stand up a lot and get in my chair, which sits by my bed. I ride around everywhere. I push myself with my arms or feet. An old gentleman pushes me everywhere. I have all kinds of friends. Ladies, we talk and get together and do things in workshops, stuffing pillows, making pretty pictures, trays. We are having a great time.

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