Audrey Mae SpencerSpencer Historical CemeteryHenry Straight / William Spencer Family Cemetery
Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
26 November 2003

Heather: Who do you talk with most of the time?

Audrey: I’m always going out in the hall. Tom stops there. I just go out in the hall and old Tom, he is pretty good to talk with. Old Tom. He was the last of the eight boys. His mother wasn’t very good. She was a kind of wild thing. Each one of the children would come down our street, so I knew of him and his family. The first seven boys always got into trouble. He was the good one of the family and turned out all right. The rest were all getting into trouble. We are great friends. We see each other each day. We argue most of the time. We enjoy our arguing. He gets out there every morning at a certain space in the hall. Tom’s son comes along and off goes Tom.  His son pushes him around. Every elderly man should have a son to push him around.

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