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20 December 2003

Heather: Tell me about some of the people there at Alpine?

Milton Earl MacDonald and Audrey Mae Spencer

Audrey: An old friend of mine, when I was young, is here (at Alpine). Milton and her husband were close friends. Theo is here now. She’s very nice. I knew her way back then. Her husband, Bill (Wilfred), and Milton were good friends and Theo and I were good friends. We all went to dances together at Shrub Hill (country barn). This was before we married. At first, I went with Jeannie to the Apponaugh Grange Hall. I remember I always had my favorite coat on. I went with Jeannie who went all the time. There was a man standing in front. I remember that he had pimples on his face. He said I am Wilfred Grove’s friend, Milton, and he asked me to dance. Dad was such a good dancer! I danced with him. Whenever he was there, I always danced with him ever after. Then he would pick me up. His sister Gladys would let Dad take her car every Saturday night. Gladys had a beautiful little roaster. The top could go down and the car would be open. Dad was nineteen years. I was twenty-one. Then he got a junky car. I never had many boyfriends. I just had him. Beatrice Shippee’s cousin wanted to date me, but I did not want to date him. I felt bad, as he was Beatrice’s cousin.

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