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Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
17 January 2004

Heather: How were the MacDonalds and the Spencers the same?

Audrey: The MacDonalds were tall and broad and the Spencers were tall and thin. Ern (Alfred Ernest Spencer) was the tallest of the three Spencer brothers. Most of the MacDonald were heavy. Joseph’s great, great grandfather was an average small man. 5′ 4″. He was the ancestor that first got here from Prince Edwards Island or Nova Scotia, I can not remember exactly which. Grandma’s brother, Ebenezer Vaughn, or Uncle Eben as we called him, had to wear boots. Gramma’s younger brother was odd. He always sat in a rocking chair. He got old, but stayed little. Gramma grew up in the Vaughn Homestead which (later became) the Rocky Hill Country Fairground.

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