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Heather: How are you doing?

Audrey Mae MacDonald reading her books at her daughter Deardra’s home

Audrey: I’m doing fine. I feel good. Everything is going just fine. My feet and legs seem very good. My legs are pretty strong. I go along my simple way. In life, (an analogy) I’m in water with just head out. That’s all I want—just to keep my head above water. In life, I’m walking along. I have everything I want. I have a common sense way of thinking about life. Life is not a sad way. It is not that I want this or I want that. I just go along. If I have sadness, I just keep walking along in life. I seldom felt blue. It (my life) was all right. It wasn’t super. I entertained myself a lot. I kept myself busy with my books. I’ve had so much pleasure in looking up things. I have a magnifying glass the size of the paper and I put this on the paper to read. Why does the name Soloman Levi keep coming into my head? I do not know if that was a book or a song or who he was but the name keeps coming into my head?

*Solomon Levi was a song

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