Audrey Mae SpencerSpencer Historical CemeteryHenry Straight / William Spencer Family Cemetery
Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
5 June 2004

Heather: Did they pay?

Audrey: I don’t think so. Later we had an ice man after a while who would come in and throw ice in the box and leave. The ice man had ice in the wagon. He would bring ice around with a team of horses. After a while, he had a truck that he brought ice. It is hard for me to remember whether it was a truck or horse and wagon.

I don’t remember when we first got an electric box. My life (span) is when everything started. In the 1900, the changes began. I’ve lived through it all! I’m an important person. I’ve lived through it all. I’ve lived through all the changes.

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