Audrey Mae SpencerSpencer Historical CemeteryHenry Straight / William Spencer Family Cemetery
Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
27 June 2004

Heather: Tell me about Grandma’s sister, Martha, who married Harry and who named her second son, Raymond and everyone called him Ray. Didn’t you tell me that gave you the idea for Vaughn’s middle name, Ray.

Audrey: Martha married Harry Kirby, who was full of fun and always making me laugh with his jokes. He always was making everyone laugh. Their first child was Harry Jr. Their second son was Raymond who everyone called Ray, and he was full of fun like his dad. Their daughter Viola was full of fun like Ray, and their youngest daughter Marian was quiet. Every other thing, we were all over there as Martha made big dinners every Sunday. Martha laughed right along with them.

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