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5 September 2005

Heather: Mother, I found out more information about Audrey Green, your great, great, great, great, great, great,great (7 times) grandmother that you were named after. Audrey Greene descends from John Green and Joan Tattersall. A woman in my local California Chapter of the DAR also descends from that couple and she was telling me about this New England couple in the 1600s.

(Phone Conversation on Labor Day when staff member answered Mother’s phone so Mother could talk with me on the speaker phone–Rhode Island Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program managed by Goodwill Industries of R.I.)

“I can’t understand…You got to come over here and show it to me…”

(Heather: Oh, I know it is confusing, but I am so happy that we can find this information about our ancestors. I’m reading 1776 by David McCullough and the author says that the Green house where General Nathaneal Green was born is still in the Green family in Warwick, R.I.  Let’s plan to ride by there when I come to R.I.)

“Oh, that sounds great…You got to come here and put me in the right place…It’s so bad…I’m awfully sad…I wish I were closer to you…”

(Heather:  I’ll continue to try to get to see you once a month. I am able to get the time off work because of the government program, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  I wish I were old enough so that I could leave my work at the state and still keep my health insurance, but anyway, I am happy to get the time off to see you monthly.)

(Exact date and time in September not recorded, but on a phone conversation with Mother):

“I want you to be with me alone with you in this thing.  I want Douglas to come.”

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