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25 August 2006

Field Trip scheduled for Audrey to meet a distant cousin who is also a descendant of John and Joan (née Tattersall) Greene.

Having read David McCullough’s book “1776” where he mentioned interviewing a descendent of General Nathaneal Greene in Warwick, I looked in the phone book to find this descendent, Thomas Casey Greene living on the Greene homestead and the birthplace of Nathanael Greene in Warwick, R.I.

Mr. Greene, an older gentleman, said he would be happy to meet Mother who was named after her ancestral great (7 times) grandmother, Audrey Greene.  Douglas–from New York– drove Mother and me–from California– in Lisa Gayle’s Rhode Island van to the homestead in the pouring rain. Thomas Casey had graciously agreed beforehand to come out with his “galoshes” and an umbrella to meet Audrey. He stood outside the car window in the rain for nearly an hour talking to Audrey about their history.

When we left, Mother put her hand up to him as if to say good-bye and thank you for your time conversing with us.  This gesture let us know that Mother was very much aware of the visit and conversation that I had planned for her.

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