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18 September 2004

Heather: Hello Mother. How have you been doing?

I can’t remember where I am.  I don’t feel too rambunctious.  The water is ice cold. (Pause) I just finished drinking the water.

Crystal, oh yes, I saw her the other day.

It’s raining so, you can see it…very, very colorful.  Little sparks come flying off the roof.  It’s (water) running so fast.  It’s jumping up and down. Sobersides (Audrey’s nickname for the maintenance person at Alpine home) just rushed by.  Look at that water!


18 September 2004

Heather: Where would you like to go when Chuck and I come to visit you at Alpine in a couple of weeks? We have our plane tickets ready.

I’ve forgotten everything.  I like to go anywhere you go. It will be all right with me.  I’ve forgotten all those places.  Once I see them, I’ll remember them.

It’s so funny you don’t realize.  You can’t realize how far away you are, but you seem right here.  (Referring to my being  present on the phone but actually being 3,000 miles away in California.)

18 September 2004

Heather: Yes, it must be mind-boggling for you who was born on the farm in the horse and buggy days to now be in an age of computers, phones, airplanes and so much more.

I like all the inventions. (Referring to all the telecommunications invented since she was a child on the farm.)

I got my books and a nice warm place.

George, he’s nice.  I’m glad Dawn likes him.

Oh, I’m looking at a bird.  He is brown and yellow and tiny. (This bird) Yellow head and brown body.  He looks good. Very little. About like a hummingbird.  He is still there. Eating from bag of birdseed. He’s got a yellow head.

26 September 2004

Heather: Who has been to visit you lately?

Amber just called me and she will pick me up to take me to WalMart.  She is coming for me now.

I am having trouble with this chair.  Now (wheel) chairs have the lock near the top, near the handle bar.

26 September 2004

Heather: Have you heard about Aunt Edith’s great grandchild being named Spencer?

Yes, I am so happy.

23 October 2004

Heather: Have you seen Spencer lately?

I am glad for him with Carol.  He’s where he should be.

24 October 2004

Heather: Did you see Doug?

(Yes) Doug looks good.

I’m good (also).

The birds and squirrels are always outside my window.  They all come to eat and do acrobats! I’m never bored.

24 October 2004

Heather: What did you like most in your life?

As a child? Playing with my doll.  I adopted Edith’s dolls. I had them after Edith. Then Anna Jane got the dolls. They probably all broke with her.  She was reckless. She didn’t sit and hold them.  She was running around and throwing them up in the air.

I’m very alert today.  I’m reading books.

Vaughn (was here).

Everything around here (Alpine Nursing Home) looks so nice. I’m lucky. I don’t have any pain at all.

13 November 2004

Heather: (visiting Audrey at Alpine Nursing Home as family thought it best to not have Audrey Mae at her grandson’s funeral) Mother, why did you save this page, Good King Wenceslas (Ancient English Carol) from a hymnal?

Dad saw this on TV. He said, “I know that. I learned it in first grade” and he recited it.

24 January 2005

Douglas visiting Mother at Kent Regency Nursing Home:

“Why am I here?  I don’t want to be in this big house.  I don’t want to be in this crazy house.”

(Mother was very alert.  Doug and Mother, in her wheel chair, went for a stroll down to see Lisa, Audrey’s granddaughter, Lisa  in the Administrative office.  Lisa said she has not seen her this alert before.  Lisa explained to Mother as to why Mother was in the Nursing Home.

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