Audrey Mae SpencerSpencer Historical CemeteryHenry Straight / William Spencer Family Cemetery
Vaughn Historical CemeterySpencers of East Greenwich, RI
18 September 2004

Heather: Yes, it must be mind-boggling for you who was born on the farm in the horse and buggy days to now be in an age of computers, phones, airplanes and so much more.

I like all the inventions. (Referring to all the telecommunications invented since she was a child on the farm.)

I got my books and a nice warm place.

George, he’s nice.  I’m glad Dawn likes him.

Oh, I’m looking at a bird.  He is brown and yellow and tiny. (This bird) Yellow head and brown body.  He looks good. Very little. About like a hummingbird.  He is still there. Eating from bag of birdseed. He’s got a yellow head.

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