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Life at Kent Regency Nursing Home
17 March 2005

Heather: Do you want to go to your room or stay here by this wide window?

“No, I’m fine right here.”

17 March 2005

Heather: Mother, are you cold? (I opened the shutters and Mother opened her eyes and looked out and then shut her eyes.)

(shakes her head “no”)

19 March 2005

Heather: Mother, let’s go to your Birthday Celebration Concert that Chuck and I have planned for you.

Audrey’s Birthday Organ Concert

Kent Regency Multipurpose Room

March 19, 2005   2 PM

Chuck McGilvray, Heather’s spouse and a Music Professional played

the songs of the early and middle twentieth century.

Family and Friends were invited.

21 March 2005

Heather: (on entering Audrey’s room, Audrey asked:)

“I’m warm enough. Are you warm?”

18 April 2005

Heather: Hello Mother, I just got off the airplane. I am so glad to see you in the lobby with the other residents.

“Stop the chair so it will not wheel away.  Sit on my lap so they wouldn’t wheel me away from you.”

18 April 2005

Heather: The nurses will not wheel you away from me and if they do, I will follow you, so no need to worry.

(The hospice chaplain, Rev. Meridith White, visited Mother.  The chaplain asked me what to pray for.  Immediately Mother started reciting  “The Lord’s Prayer”.  They recited it together.  I held back tears.)

18 April 2005

Heather: We can wait until you finish eating.

“Do you want to go out there?”

18 April 2005

Heather: We can go out after you eat if you want to.

“How much more of this do I have to eat?  I’ve got to find a place where you can lie down?”

18 April 2005

Heather: No, Mother. I can sit here and hold your hand. You can lie down if you want. I don’t need to.

“Oh, you don’t?  Where do you stay?” (After I explained that I had a place to stay, Audrey continued) “I don’t know. All these things” (as she moves away the stuffed animal. Referring to the nursing staff, Audrey says) “Have you talked with that guy about what he is doing?  Where is the sheet?”

18 April 2005

Heather: The sheet is on the bed. You don’t have to be concerned. The nursing staff will tell us if they need for us to know.

“You’ve got your sweater?”

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