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18 September 2002

Heather: Mother, you grasp a lot more information then most people do.

Audrey: Brenda was here. She is bound and possessed she will get better. I hope to God she does.  Dawn comes over for pizza today at 3 PM. Haven’t seen Doreen’s house. I guess she will have a “House Warming”.  Michelle’s house is pretty. It is painted yellow.  She and Jessica live on the same street where Dad’s older brother Robert and his wife Gladys used to live. That Jessica, she is a runner.

There was a lawn party at Spencer’s. Ten or twelve played croquet ball throw. Brian (Jr.) was working all the time. He has a car. Has a license and can drive with someone else in the car. He is a nice boy.  He is a good worker. He is going to be a fine person. Meagan is active and Mathew Spencer, they go on a school bus.

1 January 2003

H: Yes, I plan to be there for your birthday.

William J.B. Spencer, MaryJane Vaughn Spencer and Betty

Audrey: There are two people with a big dog and they are being yanked along by the dog. (Laughter) I always had Betty, a nice quiet dog. She died in the street. Doug left in his old Ford and Dixie (our dog) followed him. We’ve had our ups and downs with dogs. E-ow, our cat, could say his name! He followed Dawn with Vaughn in the doll carriage. E-ow used to go over to the Campbell’s* because Addy had a cat named Whitie. And then we had Sardy.

*Aunt Jeannie Campbell and sons, Addy and Dick, lived next door to the west when we lived on East Greenwich Avenue.  Aunt Jeannie also had a son named Franklin who died young. We as children never knew him.

Audrey drew the picture of family dog Betty

19 October 2003

Heather: What do you like best about Alpine?

Audrey: Here I can do what I want.  I’m not bossed around.  Spencer will take me out and wheel me around and I don’t have a boring chair. Spen drops in every other thing.  Oh, my hand is fast asleep, so I switched hands.  A girl came in and made my neighbor Vivian’s bed. Vivian walks with a walker.  She is in and out all the time. She is always on the go.

Yesterday a hundred million black birds were flying up and down outside my window. The road was covered with birds.  They stayed there even after I left.  The phone fell on the floor. I’m going to put it back.  I backed up so far the phone fell off the table.  Oh, Dawn is coming in!!  Who am I talking to?

(H: Heather)

A: Oh, I’m not getting that bad yet?  Wasn’t that funny.  I get along pretty good with whom I talk with.

(Heather: Of course, you do, Mother.  It’s just that you are excited and happy to see Dawn.  And besides, if you forget whom you are talking to, just say,  “Whom am I talking to?”  And then you will get the answer and we keep going with the conversation.  No one will be upset if you forget for a moment.  We all forget at times. That is natural.  Let me say Hi to Dawn and then I’ll call you next Saturday.  Love you.)

10 January 2004

Heather: What do you remember about your family house on 742 Washington Street in Coventry?

Spencer, Dawn, Douglas, Heather, Deardra and Vaughn MacDonald

Audrey: The front door was never used. It was just to look at. It was beautiful. I can always see that front door of that big house. That door was beautiful. Grampa (William J.B. Spencer) sold the homestead in East Greenwich and we bought the house in Coventry with the money.

I lived there since I was twelve years old until I married and we moved to a small house. We went back to live at 742 Washington Street until we bought the house on East Greenwich Avenue in West Warwick. You (Heather) were nine months old when we moved.

I got by. I had the children there. I was making up things all the time. We would go out and play and pick daisies. The field was full of daisies. But I enjoyed you kids. It was all I needed—my seven masterpieces as I call you.

25 January 2004

Heather: How does Dawn like Florida?

Audrey: Dawn loves Florida. Spen drove some of her things down and he is there to be sure everything is in order.  She visited Florida many time before she moved. I’m so glad she is in Florida. I am so glad for her. I’m glad for Dawn. She is happy.

7 February 2004

Heather: Did you ever want to travel?

Audrey: No. When Dawn grew up, she wanted me to travel with her. I feared being up in a plane! I feared the railroad tracks! I didn’t think too much of the trolley either. Even Dad liked to travel. I will always remember when Dawn was a little girl and learning about death, she said to me “When we go to heaven, will you hold my hand?”

29 May 2004

Heather: Hello, Mother. What have you been doing?

Audrey: Deardra came. I’m in my chair and we go out. Everything going fine! Stephanie and her sister look  just alike. Been out and walked around a lot. I was with Deardra.

I called Dawn. She’s got a boyfriend! He was a college professor. He is a “gentleman”. He is older than she. Spencer couldn’t get over it! (he was surprised but happy for her).

Amber and Crystal pop in. Amber bought curtains yesterday. She is having lots of fun. It’s nice to settle down. She has her own car. Today, men and women both need a car.

Amber’s boyfriend is awfully good to her. He’s a good guy. I hope they get settled down and both enjoy their life!

Tell me. Who are you’?

6 June 2004

Heather: You really did give a lot of thought to our names. Two, Vaughn and Spencer, are totally English ancestry. Two, Douglas and Heather, have both Scottish and English names. Deardra is a book title as well as a movie. Crystal is a movie star and Dawn is one of the RISD students, whom you really didn’t know very well. She was not in your classes, but when you heard her name you loved it so.

Audrey: I saw Theo yesterday. Everything was going on around here. There were things to sell. (Alpine Nursing Home’s activities)

3 July 2004

Heather: Who has visited you lately?

Audrey: I see Vaughn all the time. We had a walk around. He took me in my (companion) chair on the cement sidewalk. (We had) flashlights and looked at everything. I see people all the time. It’s nice and sunny. Everybody keeps coming and going.

I won twenty five cents at Bingo. I have a special smaller table in the art gallery dining room.

Dawn has a boyfriend in Florida. She has a brand new house. Spen and Carol are up in New Hampshire. It’s nice and sunny as it can be. Amber, she pops in every once in a while.  She gets my books in the right places.


10 July 2004

Heather: Mother, ugly people do not have pretty children! Ugly people have ugly children! And ugly women do not catch good-looking men! The only reason you thought you were ugly was because you got the tall gene and you were a head taller than your mother or your sister at a time in history when it was a sign of beauty to be short! Today, it is a blessing to be tall. History repeats itself with what is fashionable and fashions are stupid! You were still a head shorter than your father and you were still pretty, even though you were a head taller than your mother or sister. When I looked at your wedding picture with all the family standing side-by-side, I realized that.

Audrey: All my kids were so beautiful. Same difference. I thought the world of you kids. Having seven kids, it was such a blessing to have a baby in your arms. They say the terrible two, but I loved the terrible twos.

You were all darling. When Crystal was in the crib, she said “Mother, come get these wet guys (wet diapers). Doug was a quiet boy and Heather was quiet, too.  Spen was full of mischief.  Crystal was full of mischief.  Vaughn, he was the last baby.

We went over to Aunt Jeannie’s everyday in the afternoon and chairs were all outside. Aunt Jeannie loved to watch the kids. She had our toys over there. When Aunt Di came, she put our toys on the refrigerator. Di did not want kids there and the lady upstairs didn’t want kids. Dick, he would always yell at them. He said he wanted to throw her in the river to get rid of her.

Oh, I loved the grandchildren. Belinda was the first one. Little Hannah is doing her thing and so is Emma. Meagan has this beautiful thick head of hair. Mathew wants to be a chef. Jessica is full of life and Mark’s children are all so beautiful.


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