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10 April 2004

Heather: Did you draw Grampa (William J.B. Spencer) also?

Audrey: No, I just drew the calf, but I remember Grandpa just standing there looking at the little calf.  I wonder what has become of Miss Gardner’s exhibitions (that had) the work of all her students. Of course, she is dead now as she was older when I was a student.

5 June 2004

Heather: Where did you get the ice?

Audrey: We had a big square building called the ice house. It was filled with something like saw dust. Grandpa would go to Carr’s Pond with horses and wagon. The horses could walk on the ice pond. Grandpa would cut squares of ice out. He would cut as large a square as could be cut and bring ice back to the ice house and throw it in (to store the ice). Neighbors would come down because they needed ice.

15 August 2004

Heather: When you were on the farm and Grandma cooked three meals a day for the help, where did they eat?

Audrey: I carried out the food to the help. They would sit on a rock, I guess. It must have been a big pan with a handle that I carried out. There were only two or three men at the most. I was under ten years old. I must have made two or three trips if there was more than one.

These people with no folks, they knew our house had a nice mark on it. The mark was on the edge of the barn, I think. Coming the road, the mark was very showy (visible). My mother always made good meals and they all knew it. They had good meals while on the farm and grandma would pack them sandwiches to take them along. Grandpa would give them money when they stayed for a long while. They would get some money from Grandpa. He would pay them when they left.

4 September 2004

Heather: What did they think about Dad?

Audrey: Dad, he was so quiet that he passed (the in-law test). He always helped Grandpa. One time Dad almost got heat stroke helping Grandpa with the hay. We had a barn in the back yard and the barn needed to be filled with hay. Dad always helped (Grandpa).

Dad always had his job. He worked at the mill and then at the submarine place. My father liked Milton. He was quiet, he didn’t have much to say. Dad said that my mother was “as near to an angel as anyone could be” or “as near to an angel as anything on earth”. That’s something to say about a mother-in-law! Grandma was good to him. She smiled and was such a good woman.